Backlinks for CBD Websites – Why You Need Them


Like every business, CBD companies need backlinks to promote their websites. Without them, they’ll plummet in search engine page results (SERPs) and fail to get their products in front of customers. 

But CBD websites' need for backlinks is actually even greater than many brands realise. Unlike firms in other sectors, they face unique headwinds. And that’s a problem.



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The Difficulty Of Marketing Through Mainstream Channels

Difficulty in marketing via mainstream marketing channels is making SEO a priority for many CBD brands. According to Hemp Industry Daily – an industry publication – “fast-rising CBD is still trying to make inroads with mainstream retailers.” In other words, a lot of brands are finding that they can’t sell through regular brick-and-mortar outlets.  

Major stores don’t want their mainstream audience to view them as outlets that sell hemp-related products, so many are refusing to do so, even if it would be profitable. 

Because CBD brands can’t sell in shops, they need to go directly to customers via their websites. But they face a new set of problems – getting noticed online. Building a visible website isn’t easy in today’s marketplace. 


Things To Remember When CBD Backlinking

For these reasons, CBD websites need the strongest backlinks possible. Often organic traffic is the only option to build reliable online revenues. So what tactics should you adopt? 


Don’t Just Focus On Content

While creating content is essential for SEO, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of CBD marketing. The real gains come from building backlinks regularly and looking for opportunities throughout the year. 

Google and other search engines rely heavily on backlinking to determine the usefulness and popularity of a site. And they are particularly on the lookout for brands that build their links over time. 


Vary The Domain Authority Of Your Links

Search engines also rely on “domain authority” to weigh your backlinks and determine how much they should count towards your overall ranking. Most search engines rank domain authority out of 100. So, if Google trusts the domain, it will give it a score in the nineties – and perhaps even 100. And if it isn’t reliable, it’ll get less than 20. 

You want a mixture of domains as this looks the most natural. CBD sites with lots of low-quality links signal that something is wrong. Ideally, you need to have as many high-authority sites linking to you as possible. Often a single connection from a trusted source can significantly boost where you end up in SERPs. 


Make Links Natural

Lastly, don’t try to boost your CBD website using black-hat paid links artificially. Search engines know how to sniff out these tactics and will punish you if they find you practising them. Make sure that your guest blog posts are a natural length. And try to post on sites with a mixture of domain authorities. 

If you’re struggling to boost your site’s ranking and need help gaining backlinks, we can help. The C Word builds natural links from a variety of relevant bloggers and websites, without falling foul of Google’s rules.


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