We’re Award Winning Cannabis Marketing Specialists!

Thanks to the nominations and the judging panel at Global Health and Pharma, we’ve been awarded the Best Cannabis Digital Marketing Specialists – UK, for 2020!

What an achievement it is to get an award after what we found to be such a difficult year!

cannabis marketing specialists, Cannabis Marketing Specialists Awards 2020, The C Word
cannabis marketing specialists, Cannabis Marketing Specialists Awards 2020, The C Word

Best UK Cannabis Digital Marketing Specialists, 2020

Thanks so much to all our clients and contacts who have helped along the way. The whole team here at the C Word have put in so much hard work this year in supporting and pushing through in face of one or two obstacles. Some C words shall remain unnamed.

Who knows what exciting things 2021 will bring?

More About the GHP Cannabis Marketing Awards

The GHP News’ Commercial Cannabis Awards aim to reward and expose those pioneering individuals and firms who have stood in the face of adversity to create a booming industry through helping those in need.

The Commercial Cannabis Awards are your chance to talk to our audience about your experiences within a once controversial industry.

The GHP awards are based solely on merit, rather than the number of votes received. Their process works to ensure that they reward parties based on their excellence in the industry, the quality of their products and their dedication to service.

Learn more about how the C Word helps companies in the cannabis industry succeed.

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