Email Marketing for CBD Companies – The Secrets Uncovered!

Effective email marketing campaigns and strategies are necessary for any business, this includes CBD companies too. Email marketing strategies are important for a number of reasons and this blog article will go over a few of the main aspects of email marketing that any CBD business would benefit from taking into consideration. Specifically, this article will look at the importance of email marketing for CBD products, the top 3 benefits of using lists, a guide to email sequencing, and how the C Word can help you create an effective email marketing strategy for your cannabis brand. 

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From targeting specific groups of people, such as prospective customers and existing customers, to creating email campaigns based on abandoned carts and providing product updates, there are a multitude of possibilities that can be explored and embraced to help boost your business. 


The Importance of Email Marketing for CBD Products

Here at the C Word, we've been in the canna-business for a while and we are always surprised by the huge number of CBD companies that do not employ effective email strategies, thus losing both new custom and existing customers as a result. Email marketing on average is one of the highest converters and if you get your targeting right, you can acheive consistently high conversion results from your email marketing campaign. In some cases as high as 10%.

Six of the most important aspects of email marketing are as follows:

  1. Making the most of email marketing opportunities gives companies a chance to communicate effectively with a specific audience that has already expressed some interest in either the company itself or certain products. 
  2. They allow companies to share their expert advice and become an authority in the industry they are part of, meaning that customers are more likely to trust and buy from them. 
  3. Emails are crucial to building meaningful, and often long-term, relationships with a customer base. 
  4. They allow companies to advertise new products or inform their customers about product updates or changes, based on customer-specific buying habits.  
  5. One of the most attractive aspects of email marketing campaigns is that they can be quite affordable to put into place, meaning if you haven't already got an email marketing strategy in place, there's low-risk financially in doing so. 
  6. Email marketing has higher conversion rates than most other marketing channels that are available. 


The Top 3 Benefits of Using Lists

One of our top bits of advice when it comes to effective email marketing is to utilise lists, which may also be called 'filters' or 'segments' in your chosen email platform. 

The top three key benefits to this are as follows: 

  1. Using lists or filters keeps your target audiences separate, for example prospective customers from current customers. This allows you to get really specific with your emails to ensure you're sending the most relevant message to the right people. 
  2. A savvy strategy can allow for marketing of specific products to 'affinity groups'. For instance, if a customer has previously purchased an item from your skincare range, they may likely be interested in other skincare products. 
  3. Another upside to utilising lists and filters is that these often result in better conversion rates, as you are offering individuals products or services that you know they are already interested in.  

These benefits, among others, can help you boost your CBD business as your customer base receives only the material that is of the most interest to them. It also means that you are less likely to lose customers as you won't be clogging up their inboxes with what could be perceived as irrelevant marketing emails. 


Email Sequencing

Email sequencing is another great tool to consider for your email marketing campaigns. An email sequence refers to a series of emails that are sent to customers as a result of either/both time-based or trigger-based parameters. 

Time-based email sequences, or 'autoresponders', are emails that are sent at intervals that have already been decided upon, for example sending a specific message 2 weeks following a purchase.  Time-based email sequences are also referred to as 'autoresponders'. Trigger-based email sequences are set up to occur in response to a certain action, for instance when someone clicks on a certain part of your website, or have clicked on a link in a previous email. 

Some of the key advantages of using email sequencing are as follows: 

  1. It is a hands-free tool, meaning once you've set these sequences up, you can just let them run, meaning you only have to invest in the creation of them. 
  2. Related to the above point, these are auto-generated sequences, freeing you up to focus your budget and work force on other matters. 
  3. You can set up any number of emails for customers, related to a number of specific actions, intervals, or triggers, meaning you can cover a range of possibilities. 

Our advice is to set up 3 or more emails to your customers, based on filters/lists (as outlined in the above section). The following is an example sequence that could work for you:

  • A customer buys a CBD product. 
  • The customer then receives an automatic email, for example with the subject 'About our cbd', giving them some info and leading them back to the brand's website. 
  • The customer receives an automated email at a sensible interval later, with the subject header 'You might be interested in this product'. 
  • A third email is sent following this, if a further purchase has not yet been made, with the subject 'Here's a coupon code for your next order', to encourage a purchase. 
  • You may want to finalise the sequence with an automated email with the subject 'We'd like to invite you to be part of our Loyalty Scheme'. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can incorporate email sequences into your email marketing campaigns to help engage with your customer base and boost your CBD business. 


How Can the C Word Help?

Here at the C Word, we are industry experts with over a decade's experience. If you would like some advice or help with your email marketing, we offer a number of services, including: 

  • Strategy creation.
  • Write and design emails.
  • Email sequencing set up.
  • List/segment creation

To find out more about our services, click here. Alternatively send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you and helping your cannabis-based business thrive. 

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