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Finding competent cannabis and CBD copywriters is pretty hit and miss in the cannabis industry. At the C Word we’ve done a lot of hard work over the years – sourcing and retaining first-rate CBD copywriters. Not all CBD copywriters know the law when it comes to producing effective CBD copywriting.

Our team of knowledgeable, creative and bright copywriters, really know cannabis & CBD.

Working with skilled cannabis content writers means your brand won’t ever be compromised – we know what you can and can’t say to stay within regulations, and we know what content appeals to your audience.


Benefits of superior cannabis & CBD copywriting

Cost-effective SEO: As well as creating a valued source of information for your online audience; well-written content is a great way of increasing your website’s SEO, and helping your website to rank higher in searches.

Industry Knowledge: Finding competent writers with knowledge of cannabis and the industry is tough but we have you covered! Our writers are all chosen for their first-class knowledge of the industry. We’ve done the screening for you.

Guaranteed Unique: All the copy we produce is 100% unique, original & yours.

Staying MHRA Compliant

It is vitally important that CBD merchants stay within the law when it comes to advertising their products; much of which falls to ensuring that your CBD copywriting efforts are compliant with their regulations.

Take a look at our article here for what you can and can’t say when it comes to your product advertising and CBD copywriting!

MHRA Regulations

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